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SWIFT Cloud Key Processes


Domestic Sales
Export Sales
Depot Sales
Deemed Export
Stock Transfer Order
Free of Charge
Service Sales
Scrap Sales
Cash Sales
Sales Returns
Debit & Credit Note

Finance & Controlling

General Ledger
Vendor Payment
Customer Receipt
Period End Closing Financial Accounting
Asset Accounting6. Cash Management
Inventory Valuation for Year End Closing
Standard Costing
Controlling Reports



Procurement & Inventory

Procurement of Direct Material
Procurement of Consumables
Intra Company Stock Transfer
Inter Company Stock Transfer
Procurement of Services
Procurement using Contract
Import Purchase
Physical Inventory
Return to Vendor
Stock Handling
Transfer Posting


Make -to-stock (Discrete Industry)
Repetitive Manufacturing
Rework Processing
Batch Management
Co-product manufacturing
Serial number management
Scrap Process




Quality & Maintaince

QM for Procurement
QM in Discrete Manufacturing
Source Inspection
QM for Vendor Evaluation
Preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance
Break down Maintenance
Calibration of equipment

Country Localisation

Subcontracting Challan
Excise Capture & Post
Excise Register
Excise Utilization & reversal
Local Sales Tax
Service Tax Credit and Utilization
Misc Utilization of Excise Duty Credit




Deployment Methodology


Explore the Business Processes from the repository of ‘Best Practices’ created for your industry. Identify relevant ones and move on to the next phase…


Refine the processes and System settings to make system ready for Baseline testing. Baseline testing by Core Team Members…the first exposure of system. Data readiness continues throughout the phase, SAP authorizations gets defined here…..


User Acceptance Test carried out by Core Team and key Users. End User Training & Management Team workshop is carried out. Physical Inventory verification done. Project is verified by Swift COE teams and Go-Live check is done.


Productive Data is migrated. User ID and authorization mapping is completed in the System. Cutover Data migration is done. Final validation and sign off on Cutover Data for Go-Live by Management. Help desk is activated and Go-Live is done


End Users supported by Core Team Members, Super Users and Consultants. System Monitoring by Technical Team. Balance cutover completed as per Cutover Strategy. Project handover to Support Team.


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